eCommerce galleries store settings explained

Once you are on the Client Galleries Store, the first thing to dive into is the eCommerce settings. This Settings page lets you control many aspects of your album store.

  • Go to the Ecommerce (1) section
  • Then click on the Settings (2) menu option on the left-hand side

In the next step, you would see all the available settings option of Ecommerce Galleries store.

Let’s have a look in detail:

  1. Ecommerce Galleries listing page link: Change your e-commerce gallery URL, if you want to rename your Ecommerce gallery-like, shop, galleries, collection, etc
  2. Store Email Address – 
  3. Minimum Order Amount – Specify the minimum order amount, so that the order will not be placed if the amount is less than that figure
  4. Shipping List – Select the type of shipping i.e, Free or Standard Shipping 5-6 days from the drop-down list.
  5. Thumbnail Image – Used in-site wherever applicable and for social media sharing. See help article
  6. Cart Icon Style – Customize your Cart Icon position, Visibility & Color Scheme from the drop-down list of each feature.
  7. Digital Download Orders – Review your digital download orders and enable this to Review button to approve all orders of digital downloads (Original file download). You will also be able to replace original files for the order items at this stage.
    And if you want to do process all digital orders automatically, click on the Auto-Approve button.
  8. Remove address field from checkout page – Remove address fields from the checkout page if the order contains only digital downloads.
  9. Reject orders based on address – System would reject the orders which have these keywords or phrases in the address lines. Separate these keywords and phrases using commas for multiple values.
  10. Abandoned Carts Recovery Email – The best way to recover abandoned carts is to set up an automatic email for customers, asking them to return to complete their order. If your store visitor abandons their order, send them an email reminder to complete their order.
  11. Terms of use policy – 
  12. Order confirmation page message – 
  13. Order confirmation email message – 
  14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Specify SEO metadata for this particular product. It will override the site’s main SEO data, specified in the website settings section. Know more.
    • Page URL – Manage the URL for this product. The URL slug is automatically generated using your product title. You can customize it as well.
    • Hide this page from search engines – Hide this product from the search engine by clicking on this button.
    • Page Title – 
    • Page Description – 
  15. Disable Ecommerce Galleries – Use this button to disable your ecommerce gallery from your website. 

After all the updates and edits, don’t forget to click on Save button at the top right side of the screen.

Do not forget to set your TimezoneClick here to see how.