Add Google Translate to your website

Pixpa allows you to add the Google translate button on your website to make your site multilingual. You do not need to do all the translating manually.

You can show visitors a translated version of your site page in their local language. Google allows you to embed the translate button in three ways – Inline, Tabbed and Automatic. Would recommend you to try automatic one to keep the minimalistic look of the site.

First, copy the translate embed code, follow these steps:

  • On the next page, you need to enter your website URL and select the original language. Click on Next button now.

  • On this page, you need to set the options you want for translating your website. You can change these options later too. Click here to know more. Now click on get code button.

  • Here you would see the translate button embed code. Copy following code snippets.

Embed the copied code in Pixpa Studio

  • Go to Pixpa studio settings page.
  • Paste the above copied code in external script <body> section.
  • Click on save button. That’s it.