Add a guestbook page

Pixpa lets you create several different types of menu items (galleries, pages, blogs etc) to give you an unmatched flexibility and control over the structure of your website.

Guestbook – Lets your site visitors leave feedback and comments on your website. You can moderate the comments, of course.

You can easily include a guestbook in your website which can collect and showcase feedback, comments, testimonials and comments from the visitors of your website. It’s a great way to let the visitors of your website connect with you and share their feedback with you and for you to showcase the positive buzz on your website.

You can also manage and moderate Guestbook comments (delete inappropriate comments) from the Messages section.

Under this article :

  1. How to add a guestbook
  2. What are guestbook settings
  3. How to change the layout of guestbook
  4. How to delete/Hide a guestbook
  5. How to manage and moderate guestbook comments

1. Add a GuestBook

You can add a Guestbook to your website easily. Follow these steps :

Go to website section first. You can add any menu item to your website by clicking on the ✚ icon next to website menu.

This will open up a screen which lets you choose the different types of menu items that you can add to your website. Click on the Guestbook menu item.

Specify a name to your new guestbook.



That’s it. The guestbook is added now. You would see this in your website navigation in the last. You can drag and drop the newly added calendar to its correct position in the site navigation.

See this article on how to sequence links in site navigation.

2. Guestbook Settings

You can access settings of any menu item by clicking on the three dots icon next to its name in website section. Just move your cursor to the particular menu item. You would see a three dots icon on hovering.

Setting page brings you to the all settings of the particular guestbook. Make changes here and hit save button to save all the changes. See below:

  1. Navigation Title – Used for the name of your guestbook as it appears in your website’s navigation.
  2. Show in site menu – Enable it to show this guestbook in website navigation and Disable it to hide from website menu.
  3. Set as homepage – Enable it to set this guestbook as your homepage. Know more.
  4. Headline – Give a Title/Headline to your guestbook form.
  5. Description – Put some description like your email address / phone number here.
  6. SEO data – Specify SEO meta data for this guestbook. It will over-ride site’s main SEO data, specified in website settings section. Know more.
    • Page URL – Manage the URL for this guestbook
    • Page Title – 
    • Page Description – 
    • Keywords – 
  7. Change layout – Choose a layout for your guestbook from here. Know more.
  8. Featured Image – Used to represent this guestbook in folders and
  9. Tags – Used to filter this guestbook in a folder. Know more.
  10. Delete – Used to delete this guestbook.
  11. Banner – Used to show a full-width banner on the top or bottom of the guestbook. Know more. 
  12. View – Click here to see this guestbook on live site
  13. Save the changes by clicking at the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Change layout of Guestbook

You can change the layout from settings page. Click on the Layout tab to change the layout.

In the next screen, You would see all the layout options available to you. Just click on any layout and hit save button. The chosen Layout will applied to your guestbook. It’s that simple.

4. Delete/Hide a guestbook

  • Go to the Website section
  • Find the guestbook that you want to hide or delete from the navigation left column.
  • Move your cursor to particular guestbook, you would see the three dots icon next to its name. Click on it.
  • You would see the hide and delete option under the dropdown.

5. Moderate guestbook comments

Guestbook comments cannot be published itself on your website. You need to review all the comments from the Messages section of studio.

  • You can publish or unpublish any particular comment on guestbook page by clicking on Publish and Unpublish button respectively.
  • You can also simply mark as read without publishing on website.
  • You can delete any particular comment by clicking on cross icon next to it.